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From creating and managing competitions, to community building, Matchspace will revolutionise your club

Empower your members
Members arrange games, upload scores, and verify their own match results
Built-in chat
Arrange matches or hit with someone of similar ability. It's easy
Trophies recognise key milestones to keep players engaged

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Dave Watts
Spencer LTC

As the recently appointed head coach at Spencer LTC, I was looking for a way to organise and run tournaments that were a lot less labour intensive and that suited my needs more flexibly than the ClubSpark system. I initially used Matchspace for box leagues which went down very well with all participants but our summer championships were a true test of the app and I’m extremely impressed. Easy to set up singles and doubles and the draw is automatic once you determine the seedings. I also received excellent support from Charles and his team when I had queries. I will be using Matchspace from now on.

Casey Lyonette
GB over 35 player. Coach at David Lloyd Purley

The app is great! I love how easy it is to use and how smooth it feels.

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Knockout Competitions
Run club tournaments effortlessly with Matchspace Knockouts. It's easy to set up elimination-style competitions in just a few clicks.
Box Leagues
Box leagues
Set up Box Leagues in minutes and manage with simplicity. Players enter all leagues via the app. Get playing!
Ladder leagues
We use bump-rank method for our ladders. Coaches have the ability to set the green 'challenge zone', and choose between multiple scoring formats.

Competition wrap-ups

Celebrate the winners of your competitions in a cool and visually stunning way. No more manual effort or tedious data entry – Matchspace does the work for you, instantly generating a list of winners that you can proudly share with your community.

Charge for entry
Charge for entry
Generate additional income with paid leagues. Matchspace takes a service fee, and then anything you charge above that fee, you keep.
On-point notifications
Send members notifications and keep everyone in the loop via your own club feed.
Club rankings
Players can see overall positions in the club rankings.

As easy as 1-2-3 πŸ‘‡

Running racket competitions is easy. Club staff use the web-based Coach Dashboard to get set up in just a few clicks

For organisers

Get in touch and we'll handle the set up and create your competitions hassle-free


Sign up via the website and self-serve. It's super easy.

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Signing up takes seconds. Once you've verified your email you then head over to the Coach Dashboard (using the unique link we send you) and create your club.

Our software is fully automated so you'll be up and running immediately.

Share the club code with players

We'll provide the unique club code in an email template so you can share directly with your members.

Members need to download the Matchspace app from the App Store or Google Play Store, the unique code allows them to join your private club and create their account. Easy 😁

Create leagues and events

It's super simple to get going. Once you've set up a competition it gets posted into the club feed. Players get sent alerts so they can enter.

Matchspace benefits the entire club

We're on hand to set everything up for you, so you can concentrate on the game



Create and manage competitions
Enter competitions and events
Generate income from leagues
Arrange matches and casual play
Members are engaged and play more tennis
Submit and verify own scores
Get a view and manage everything in-play
See club rankings
Less admin
Win trophies for key achievements

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