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Unlock a host of features to streamline operations and enhance member engagement. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to hassle-free competition management.

Box Leagues
Knockouts, Box or Ladder
Run club competitions effortlessly with Matchspace. It's easy to set up leagues and tournaments in just a few clicks.
Built-in Chat
From broadcasts to direct messages, our integrated chat keeps players connected and informed.
Junior Section
We also have a Junior Section, designed specifically with young tennis enthusiasts in mind. No adults here!
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Benefits for organisers and players

Easy-to-use features to connect your club


Manage Leagues. Simply.

Run club competitions easily from the web-based coach dashboard. Members RSVP with the app, and we auto-assign their groups by ability level. Easy.


Connect with built-in chat

Club members can contact each other using Matchspace chat. Organising matches, or just arranging a hit with someone of similar ability takes seconds.ย 


On-point Notifications

Send notifications to your members via the app, ask them to RSVP and enter competitions, leagues and events.


Arrange, add, verify

Members have their own unique profile, allowing them to manage every aspect of their competition with results updating immediately.


Trophies for key milestones

Key milestones through matchplay reward players by unlocking a library of trophies and achievements.


Competition wrap ups

We compile competition winners into a shareable list that gets posted into the club feed so everyone has visibility.

Donโ€™t just take our word for it!

Clubs are already using Matchspace. See what some of they are saying!

Peter Quek
Chandos Club Manager

We have been using Matchspace since 2022. It has been invaluable for our club to promote activity and offer a hub where new members can feel immediately part of the club. This has helped in raising the appeal of our club by extending our playing opportunities. We have found the leagues a very good source of activity and the rate and find a player options were really useful in promoting a ready-made playerโ€™s network. The App interface is appealing and very slick, members have responded well to the functionality and feeling of being part of a club community. Unlike many ladder/ leagues the Matchspace app make organising ladders and competitions instantly manageable. The Matchspace team have always been very receptive to our feedback and continually refine and improve the operation of the App and service. Would recommend to all clubs looking to involve current and future members in a really dynamic club resource.

Toby Long
Power Padel Leagues

Matchspace has been invaluable to us in the successful running and management of our leagues. The team are very open to development suggestions and respond timely to support requests - canโ€™t ask for much more than that! We are looking forward to progressing our use of the platform to utilise the full suite of tools.

Ian Edwards
Competition organiser at Woodfield Grove Tennis Club

Matchspace has been transformational for our tennis club KO tournament and box leagues. It has turned a previously opaque postal-style tournament into something way more interactive and enjoyable for our members. Players' progress is easy to follow and it is simple and fast for the players to submit results to the app. The fact that the organiser can provide a running commentary or other news on the tournament, keeps all the players well informed and engaged. Furthermore, players can communicate with one another via the app making it a comprehensive forum within which players can organise their tennis. Setting up tournaments and leagues within the system is simple and intuitive and there are several schemes via which to pay the sensible fees, such that there is an option to suit every preference. The graphics and personalisation features set this app apart from its competition and the app quickly begins to feel part of the club.

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